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Dear Sister, 

Welcome to Rite of Passage! Join me on this Powerful Journey of Transformation, where we walk through this Threshold together, to embrace our Authentic Self. 

I have collaborated with amazing women to bring you a series of videos about our journey from the fertile years to menopause.

As I am finding myself on this sacred journey, I know my life is changing and something new awaits me. 

Menopause can be a tough journey for many women and that is why I decided to create this portal where we can come together, share our expertise, learn how we can work and support each other so that menopause becomes a graceful passage, while we transform into the Fearless Empress, The Matriarch, The Wise One, The Crone.....

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Your Menopause Journey

Five Days of Transformation

One Free Consultation 

Bespoke Yoga & Meditation Sessions

TFT Algorithm 

Rite of Passage Ceremony 

Womb Blessing Ceremony 

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Yoga for Menopause

If you are approaching the menopause years or you are already experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms, please join this circle of women as we come together to deeply reconnect with our bodies.

Our weekly yoga circle is starting soon. Please register your interest or book here: 

Online yoga circle...


Super job Michela 👏👏I eventually got to listen to the whole 50 minutes and it is so so interesting and enlightening. I’m going to share this with a lot of my friends. Thank you and well done again 👏👏🙏🙏 


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