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Heart Focused, Energy Healing

Workshops and Meditations.

Because the Heart is the Key to Everything!



My name is Michela and I am the creator and founder of the Heart Alchemy Institutea safe space to heal and surrender to divine love. After a 20 year inner journey, one day I finally surrendered too. In 2019 after a huge and unexpected initiation, my life turned upside down and inside out. I didn't have any other choice but surrender to divine love. I left all that I was doing to surrender even more every day and truly become an instrument for the Divine. It was my wake up call! 

Now, all that I do, the work that I offer comes from my Heart.  I believe that the Divine inside us and around us is a loving and transforming intelligence, the energy of Oneness and when we experience that energy, we break the cycle of suffering and pain and we heal physically, mentally and emotionally and transform on all levels.





Heart Alchemy© online workshop

If you are feeling stuck and you don't know how to move beyond that static space, this workshop is for you.

Whether you can't forgive yourself or someone else, or you can't complete a project or maybe you are repeating the same negative patterns over again, this workshop can help.

Heart Alchemy is a 100 day journey into your Sacred Heart to help you move through the "I am stuck" phase of your life so that you can:

  • become more aware of your thoughts and emotions

  • understand why you are creating the stuck place 

  • trust the wisdom of your heart to lead you out of that stuck place

  • create the life you want, and more....



Heal from the Inside Out

Connect with the Divine

Create the Life you want 

Connecting our hearts across time and space

We can work together even if we live in different countries. 

​You can contact me for: 

  • Distant Healing

  • Workshops

  • Meditations

What I offer in my in person sessions and workshops, I can offer them to you on the other side of the world. ​

Love and Energy are not bound by time and space. We are limitless beings holding great Love, Wisdom and Power inside us. 

If you would like: 

-to receive a healing

-to meditate to connect with your heart 

-to study with me (online workshops)

Simply contact me and we can start having a conversation about the work. 

Fundraising for the Planet 




is an online monthly meditation to reconnect with Mother Earth and all Living Beings 

(Every donation received for this meditation goes to an animal shelter/rescue) 

When we connect with our heart in a meaningful and profound way, we start to awaken and embody higher frequencies such us Joy, Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Appreciation…. Our Heart center and the energy field around us expand and we start radiating these beautiful energies to the world around us.

When we practice the Heartbeat of the Earth meditation, we send these higher vibrations or energies to the Earth, so that they can be used for the Highest Good of All.


First Floor Office, 2a Convent Rd, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, A96 W7C5, Ireland


3 Min Heart Focused Meditation for Clarity
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