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Yoga, Meditation, Menopause Support

Live from Your Heart

I have been working with people from all around the world for about 20 years. I have trained with amazing teachers and I have opened myself to the powerful flow of Creation. Working with me means accessing the same powerful healing energy that comes from creation and that I call Divine Love. Wherever you are in life and whatever you are experiencing right now, I am here for you. 

New Moon & Full Moon

Online | Worldwide

Women's Womb Blessing

In Person | Online

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga, Pranayama 

In person | Online

In Person | Online 


Women Support

In Person | Online

In Person | Online 

Healing Sessions

Your Menopause Journey

Embrace & Embody your new Authentic Self

Your menopause journey is a protocol you follow that can help you alleviate the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause.

It is also a journey within yourself towards your new authentic self: the Empress, the Matriarch, the Crone, the Fearless and Wise One.


I participated in Michela's Heart Alchemy... It was clear right away, that so much dedication, love and support was woven into Michela's grounded offerings. And like every experience I have had with Michela, her programme presented itself to me at the perfect time. I began Michela's Heart Alchemy at the beginning of 2020 and I feel that it was the  foundation I didn't know I would need, to prepare fertile grounds for the onset of pandemic. I really feel through the experience of Corona that we are in a space of re-evaluating intrinsic values. And I feel that Michela's Heart Alchemy gave me the tools to be able to deepen my own awareness outside of the structure of Michela's programme, to determine what is most important to me and how I offer that back to a community. Michela's programme focuses on personal re-alignment to feeling heart-centred Gratitude. By active observations of my own heart space, I feel that I can now extend branches out into an awareness of Oneness and radiating more love. Thank you Michela - your essence is always so strong in everything that you do.  ~Amanda, Ireland~
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