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Your menopause journey is a series of practical and spiritual tools created with you in mind and heart. The techniques, ceremonies and tools I give you can help you alleviate the symptoms of menopause and perimenopause. They can also help you embrace this new part of your life with joy, loving kindness and compassion towards yourself.

It is also a journey within to embody your new authentic self: the Empress, the Matriarch, the Crone, the Fearless and Wise One.

Your Menopause Journey is also a threshold, a gift you give yourself if you are approaching the perimenopause years.

It was created for women that are moving through these transition years and for women who are approaching that passage. 

Following a free consultation, I’ll create your personalized journey. In this protocol, you’ll receive:

  • One bespoke yoga sequence | One session

  • One bespoke meditation | One session

  • One TFT algorithm | One session

  • One bespoke Womb Blessing | One session

  • One bespoke Rite of Passage Ceremony | One session

We’ll decide together days and times to meet in person or online for your sessions. You’ll bring home with you:

  • One bespoke yoga sequence for your personal use

  • One bespoke meditation for your personal use

  • One TFT algorithm for your personal use

  • The incredible benefits of a Womb Blessing

  • The transformational energy of a your Rite of Passage Ceremony 

Please reach out if you have any questions. I am looking forward to working with you.

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Looking forward to hearing from you





Five Days of Transformation

Online | In Person

Personal Sessions € 222 (5 days + 1 free consultation)

Group Sessions € 50  (5 days or one day workshop)

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