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Yoni or Womb Blessing is a ceremony, a transmission of energy and a Blessing from the Divine Mother to our sacred Womb. Yoni is a Sanskrit word and it has many meanings: vagina, womb, place of birth, source, origin, spring, fountain, place of rest... It is every woman’s sacred temple, the shrine to our feminine energy, the origin of life, Shakti energy, the primordial cosmic energy, the creative force that moves through the entire universe. Our Yoni holds and cares for the un-manifested energy we carry in our womb. Imagine what can happen when we finally can tap into that energy.

I have been giving yoni blessings for many years in sacred circles and personal sessions in Ireland and abroad. Since the day I started to pass on these blessings, my work with the Divine Mother has been transforming constantly. If you have received the yoni blessing before and would like to receive it again, you’ll notice the difference in the energy. The beauty of this work is that it doesn't follow a script, the blessing is channeled on the day of the ceremony and it is going to be different from person to person.

When I talk about the womb, I like to use the double term Yoni Womb because to me it feels that it really encompasses the entire energy of this sacred space. You don’t have to use the same words. You can call your sacred altar the way that feels good to you. Yoni Womb is every woman sacred temple of our divinity and femininity, our centre of gravity, the place where everything starts, everything ends, it is our creative power and life force.

From Her everything is created and in Her everything is transformed. 

On a physical level, this work focus is the area where the root chakra and sacral chakra reside. In this space we have our internal and external sexual organs, our pelvic floor muscles and all the organs contained in it, our hips.....

Please let me specify that I am not linked to any school or teacher and during the ceremony I am simply channeling the Divine Mother’s energy to pass on Her Blessings to you. It is a very personal blessing, it changes from person to person and from group to group. The prayers and meditations are channeled during the ceremony.

A very important and loving reminder! Please let me address for few more lines the subject of hysterectomy and similar procedures. I was asked to address this subject by other women as they felt that they couldn’t receive a yoni womb blessing or work with their womb because they had a hysterectomy. Let me reassure you that you can. Your Yoni Womb is a sacred space inside of you made of primordial feminine energy. The physical womb is an extension of that energy made of matter. Your physical womb and sexual organs are a physical manifestation, but the energy of Divine Mother is always within.

If you had a hysterectomy or you had to remove surgically parts of your internal organs or you had FGM, you can access and work with the energy if your womb. 


Looking forward to hearing from you





Personal Sessions € 50 

Circle € 15

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