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Thank you!

I always seem to thank other people for my growth and my healing, but I don’t thank myself enough for doing the hardest part: My Inner Work.

And so today (and from today, every day), I am going to thank myself

For doing the work even when I felt no hope

For keep going even when I thought I didn’t have the strength to

For the time I was in deepest dark place you can sink to, but I never talked myself out of possibilities

For the courage I had to face impossible situations, my fears, and biases

For the love I was able to give without expecting anything in return

For knowing how strong my Spirit is

For taking care of myself even when I was judged an egoist c***

For making my dreams a reality

For the mistakes I allowed myself to make

For the heartbreaks I endured and the emotions that made me stop breathing…. And for all the Wisdom that came from them

I thank myself for doing the work I need and want to do every day

I thank myself for that moment when I finally let go and surrendered to the unknown…. And I was embraced and filled by Divine Love.

Satya xo

© Michela Sborchia, All rights reserved.


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