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Prayer to release pain and suffering

Beloved Mother Goddess, please take this pain away from me. When I lie down to sleep or sit in meditation with my eyes closed and my heart open so that Your Energy can enter my soul, reveal Your Glorious self to me. Let me see you through the eyes of my Spirit and let me feel you in the energy that runs through my body.

Great Mother Goddess, pull aside the thin veil that separates illusion from Spirit and show me your divine, compassionate, loving face. Let me look into Your eyes and connect with me heart to heart, womb to womb in an infinite spiral of Love. Let me feel you within me and all around me and show me the way out of this pain.

Merciful Mother Goddess, burn away all illusions of pain and suffering I am still holding on to, in the sacred purifying fire of Shekinah. Show me the Light of my Spirit. Touch my heart and mind with your infinite all-encompassing Love and Wisdom. Please open my soul to Your infinite power.

Compassionate Mother Goddess, remind me through my experiences and the love and support of the people I cherish, of your Divine Love Wisdom and Power I carry within me.

I am not a frail human being, I am your daughter.

As your Love and Healing energy flows through me on this night (or this day), I am reminded of your protective power Always burning brightly through me.

Please help me surrender this pain into your Holy Hands and free me from the Illusion of suffering.

Let the dove of Grace come to me every time I fall into the pit of darkness, as a reminder that you are always with me.

And when the fragrance of roses of your Loving Compassionate Spirit enfolds me, I’ll behold love in fear, joy in pain, strength in weakness, kindness in cruelty as a reminder that I can move beyond this heart wrenching darkness and back home to You.

Satya Sakara (Michela Sborchia)

AD 2017

© Michela Sborchia, All rights reserved.


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