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Mother Mary speaks...

Recently, I had a profound mystical experience that led me to reconnect with Mother Mary and bring forth Her message.

Just before the experience, I had already felt the Divine Mother’s presence around me. Then one day, I was at home reorganizing some of my things and I opened a drawer where I keep personal things. As soon as I opened it, I found a red velvet pouch and inside my grandmother’s rosary. I held it in my hand for a while, looking at the rose quartz beads, and it felt so natural to hold it… as if I always had it. I put it back in the pouch, close the drawer and went on with my day.

That evening, I was sitting in mediation and a sudden realization came to me…

I don’t have my grandmother rosary, I never had it. I saw her using it, holding it and when she comes through for me, she often holds that rosary. At first, I thought it was the rosary she had when she passed away and that is inside the coffin where we placed her to rest. Then I spoke to my mom, and she confirmed that she has the pink quartz rosary that belonged to my grandmother once. But I never had it…………….

That experience made me realize what I was missing, Mother Mary was asking me to pay attention to Her message. She was coming through my mother’s lineage and all the women, the ancestors who came before me. And so, I paid attention, and this is Her message.

If you have been following me, you know that when I speak of Goddess or Mother, I always call Her the Divine Mother. I rarely talk about her with a specific name. But this time is different because the Divine Mother came through as Mother Mary.

Mother Mary is very present on earth currently, and while times are changing fast and we are moving through challenge after challenge, Mother Mary is asking us to allow Her into our life. The Great Goddess Mother is always present but human beings have free will and this means that we need to give permission to Her to work with us and through us. We have been called, She has chosen us to bring forth the change we want to see in this world.

She is asking to be part of our meditations, to sit with us in circle, to walk by our side during our day and hold our hand at night while we walk through the veils. She is here to help us at this crucial time in our lives, but we need to open our energy to Her and ask Her to be our friend, mother, sister, guide however you feel and however you see Her.

She is not giving us a ritual to perform or a meditation to do, but She is asking us to connect with her through the energy she evokes in us. For example, when I think about Mother Mary, I feel the energy of Divine Grace and that is the energy I need to awaken, cultivate and bring forth at this time. But you may associate her with a different energy: Compassion, Love, Wisdom, Strength, Courage, Power, Forgiveness. And so, whoever she is for you, connect with that energy, awaken it from within you and bring it forth. You have been chosen; you have answered the call. Have faith, believe that change is coming, and you are here to create it.

She is in you and when you allow her to work through you that divine vibration you associate with her will awake from within you and that is Her in action through you.

You can chant mantras to Her if you wish, you can pray the rosary with Her if you belong to the Christian tradition or you can simply sit down and journey deep within your heart where you’ll feel and you are One with Her.

I know there are infinite ways to connect with Mother Mary and I am sure you’ll find the right way to do so…

Times are changing quickly, we have been called to reunite with Her, and beyond all rituals, in the Heart space behind our chest deep within our womb, through the Earth Mother below our feet …. Listen to Her call, She is already here.

Close your eyes

Listen with your heart

You know deep within your womb

Touch the sacred earth with your feet

Mother Mary is around us

Your breath is your breath

Listen ….

In Grace & Peace

Satya Sakra

© 2021 Michela Sborchia, All rights reserved.


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