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I met Mother Ayahuasca

I spend very little time on social media because I don’t have much free time to dedicate to that. But mainly because I always felt I needed to protect my energy constantly. I have been in this polarity of wanting to be seen and hiding myself for a long time. Many reasons behind these feelings constantly pull me on opposite sides. At times, the pull was so strong that I felt like these two energies were breaking me apart…. In hindsight, the breaking apart process may have been a good thing.

Sometimes, I am not sure how I feel about it. I have these two lives that don’t seem to connect, and they often make me feel divided and broken. The truth is, I am more than Michela, who wakes up at 4 a.m. to go to work. My life is different when I am not there among colleagues and customers.

The life I tend to hide from the outside world is full of magic. I am a healer, a teacher, a witch, a priestess, a wise woman, and so much more. I know some people will never understand who I am and what I do, but now I feel that hiding that part of me is not going to serve me or this world anymore.

I have done so much inner work, and I know that all I have been doing is preparing myself for what happened in June of this year.

For seven days (maybe more), I was broken into little pieces. I went through initiation after initiation; I felt like I was being destroyed from the inside out, and I went through every single process in full surrender. There was no other way of moving through death and rebirth. It felt horrible and beautiful, ecstatic and painful at the same time. For seven days, I consciously and willingly stepped into a different world. I was pulled apart, felt lonely and held, and felt so much….

I stepped through the Temple doors barefoot, without masks, vulnerable but in complete surrender.

On the first day, I was received and initiated in the Temple of Isis and Ra in Sacred Union.

The second day, I was received and initiated in the Temple of Sekhmet and thrown into the Void.

That night, I met and received Father Rapé and Mother Ayahuasca. They sent me to the edge; through my pain and fears, they moved me through vortexes of energy to hell and back.

On the third day, I was received and initiated into the Temple of Hathor to reconnect with and open to my Feminine Essence.

That night, I met and received Father Rapé and Mother Ayahuasca again. They sent me to horrible and painful but also ecstatic and beautiful journeys of the deepest healing I have ever received.

On the fourth day, I was received and initiated in the Temple of Mary Magdalene, the Feminine Oracle, my Sacred Sexual Energy.

That night in the Temple, I received the Blue Lotus and journeyed into my sexual healing power.

On the fifth day, I was received and initiated in the Temple of Isis and finally spread my Wings.

I’ll be processing what happened through these amazing days of deep Love, Wisdom, Healing and Remembrance for I don’t know how long….

I don’t know if I’ll ever find the words to describe what happened within and without during these five powerful days. I guess time will tell.

This journey of awakening and surrender has been a Divine Gift.

With Gratitude and Love to the courageous women and men I met along the way. I see you, I love you, I honour you.

With my deepest Love and true Surrender to the Divine Masculine that walks beside me in this life, I Love You!

Michela ( Satya ) xo


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