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Ho'oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian practice of Forgiveness. The purpose of this powerful technique is to reconcile relationships (even the one you have with yourself), to restore healing and balance in body, mind and soul, to bring forth self love and to surrender to Oneness. It is a powerful way to cleanse the body of all the junk we have accumulated in our subconscious, to release guilt, shame, memories we desperately want to forget, negative thoughts and more.... 

As a forgiveness practice, it is truly powerful and moves into our deepest fears, it starts vibrating with the high frequency it carries, to penetrate our soul. 

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Ho'oponopono Meditation Circles can help you:
Connect with your Heart

Experience deep Peace 
Surrender to the Present Moment
Heal Your Body,
Heal your Mind
Free your Soul

Create the life you want
Heal difficulties in your relationships
Heal anxiety and depression
Help create resilience
Experience Forgiveness and Compassion
And more....
Meditation Class
Gyan Mudra


Ho’oponopono meditation comes from Hawaii.

It is an ancient healing tool.

The foundation of Ho'oponopono is that you cannot heal others, you can only heal yourself.

It is by healing and balancing yourself that you can bring healing around you. 

Even the word, Ho’oponopono means “make amends” or "to make right".

It is a very powerful meditation technique that can help you release all the subconscious programming within you.

Doing this practice allows you to remove subconscious obstacles and create space for..... (I'll let you feel in the blanks here)