Connect with your Heart

Experience deep Peace 

Surrender to the Present Moment

Heal Body, Mind and Soul

Create the life you want

Heal difficulties in your relating with others

Help with anxiety and depression

Move through challenges quickly, and solve problems rapidly,

Avoid getting trapped in drama, ego, doubt and fear..

And more...





My meditation focus is helping you connect with your heart centre, feel and understand the importance of the present moment, the now and surrender to Love.


When we talk to our heart by simply saying “thank you for all that you do for me”, by feeling gratitude and appreciation, we ignite its energies. The heart starts expanding in love and appreciation and the energy moves to the brain where the energy begins to heal the trauma.


At this point we switch our mind set from victim to creator, from fear to love...

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Meditation is a practice that brings change to our body, mind and emotions. Meditation not only changes the way we feel and think, but it also brings changes to aspects of our personality engraved in the brain that rule our outlook on life. Some of the positive aspects of meditation are resilience in times of change and stress, compassion towards others, increased love for our life and a sense of Oneness. It also teaches us how to self-regulate in order to become masters of our emotions rather than  slaves to them. 

The practice of meditation has proven to be an effective tool that can help to improve our quality of life – reducing stress, improving attention, enhancing self-awareness and more. These are some of the benefits of meditation:  

Reduces Stress

Control Anxiety

Improve Self-Image

Enhance Self-Awareness

Lengthens your attention spam

Improves your memory

Reduces depression symptoms

Support quality sleep

Promotes rationality

Reduces pain

Assists with addiction treatment

Can reduce blood pressure

Increases exercise tolerance

And more... 


Journey in the Heart is one the most healing, profound and powerful journey you'll ever take, and I always encourage people to work with their heart in a conscious and meaningful way. In the chakra system, the Heart is the bridge between the lower and upper energy centres, the link between your inner world with the outer world and the source of 12 higher frequencies, we hold inside us. These qualities are like keys that can help us access higher states of awareness, Divine Love, Radical Compassion and Ultimate Oneness.


When we connect with these energies (even simply by saying their names), we trigger a response in our heart, so that we start our journey back to the Heart and back to Love. The Love I am talking about is not human love. It is an energy that doesn’t need an opposite force to manifest. It is Oneness. It is that Divine Love that fuels life, that runs in, through and around all that exists. A love so powerful that can transform anything, and that deeply connects us with our own essence.


When we remember how to embrace these frequencies and truly embody them, we have come home. Working with the Heart energy is an intense and emotional experience. It brings forth deep and long-lasting healing and reminds you of who you truly are.

Gyan Mudra


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