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Cutting the Cords of Fear

I have been really feeling this need to talk about a technique called CUTTING OF THE ENERGETIC CORDS WITH THE ARCHANGELS, for a while now. I’d love to bring out its deeper meaning and share more about it with you.

I do believe that when we do something and we know what we are doing and why (not just doing something for the sake of it…), the result of our efforts and work is powerful and beautiful. When we put our heart in any endeavour and we make sure that we are in a higher frequency, we create miracles.

And so, I started to think about this amazing technique that I learned many years ago and how along the years, it has transformed.

First of all, let me explain what energetic cords are.

Cords are usually energetic bonds between you and another person, but they can also be energetic bonds between you and a situation, a place, an object, an experience and between you and anyone/anything you are connected to. These cords tend to drain your energy if the bond you have created is of a lower frequency (anger, frustration, anxiety…). Energetic cords are not bound by time and space and they connect you to people, places, situations, issues even if the person is not with you or the situation happened in the past. These cords are not forming on their own will. We create them every time we interact with our environment. Some of the bonds we create are of love and joy while others hold a lower vibration (anger, anxiety, fear…).

There is a deeper meaning to cords and by simply invoking an Angel and asking Him or Her to cut the cords will not do very much. Why?

First of all, you have free will and this means that an Angel to awaken Her / His energy from within you, they need to have your permission. I am saying this because people often prefer the familiar pain of the past to the Freedom that healing brings forth. You need to give yourself permission to free yourself from these energetic cords and this first step is the most profound one.

When I started using this technique, I looked deeper into the bonds I had created throughout my life and why. We are the creators of our own reality and there is always reason or a lesson that every energetic cord is carrying if we allow ourselves to listen to the Heart.

Please remember that is never about the other person, it’s always about what you allow yourself to experience in life.

When a cord forms, I always ask myself:

· What is it that I am creating by choosing certain thoughts, experiences, people, situations in my life?

· What is it that I need to heal or transform in my energy?

· Who do I want to be?

· What difference I can make in the world today?

· What are the lessons I am still trying to learn?

· Where do I fall back in separation instead of surrendering to Oneness?

Sometimes by simply being aware of the cord and allowing myself to surrender to Divine Love, the cord disappears and, in the process, I create a loving bond to free myself and the person on the other side of the cord from the chains of the past.

And this got me thinking….

We are all One, there is no separation and every time we fall back into separation, we also create these energetic cords. If I stay in the same energy, in the exact lower frequency that has created the cord and I ask an Angel to cut these cords, nothing is going to happen. Why? Because:

· By falling from Grace and in duality, I keep the cords alive

· By creating these cords, I am willingly giving away my power and my energy

· By relying on a Being outside of myself to remove or cut these cords, I am giving away my energy and power to something or someone outside of myself

· By asking an Archangel to cut the cords without asking the big questions, without stopping to listen, the cords will form back right away

One of the first lessons I received while working with this technique it was an important one, I feel.

I always believed that the beautiful Beings of Light we call Archangels are not entities separated from us, outside of our being. They are aspects of that Divine Oneness that dwells within us.

When we invoke Archangel Michael for example, we allow the Divine Power of God to awaken from the core of our Being

We then use this holy energy (in the form of a sword, or blue fire….) to remove the energetic cords between us and someone/something else.

I also work with different Archangels and Deities when I do the cutting of the cords. Depending on the energy I am feeling stirring within me, I may work with a Goddess too.

If you feel there is a drain in your throat chakra that is blocking the flow of the energy there and it makes it difficult for you to express yourself, you can ask the help of Archangel Gabriel…

Your energy and your body give you signs when you have to pay attention to specific cords:

· You may feel weird physical aches and pains that don’t seem to have a cause or reason

· You keep thinking about someone or something that feels energetically of a lower frequency

· You may experience excessive worrying or anxiety about someone or something

· You can take on other people’s problems

· You may still experience anger, frustration, guilt and/or shame about experiences from your past

· Sometimes even addictions of any sort can be a sign of an energetic bond you need to release or transform

Please know that these are just the most common signs and not an all-inclusive list of symptoms.

What happens when we cut a cord?

When we cut the cords and the energetic bond there is always a sense of relief, a lightness and a sense of Joy that lets you know that the lower frequency bond has been cut. You’ll feel different about people and situations that once drained your energy. There is no emotional charge attached to an event or a person and you see the lesson and the wisdom that the cord was trying to teach you.

How to do the cutting of the energetic cords

I have learned several techniques and the one I am offering you is the result of years of practicing with it.

Let’s say Mary wants to cut the energetic cords between her and John.

1. Mary visualizes John outside her window (not in her house, garden, or parking space). She sees him standing on the road outside her house or in the field across her garden…. For example. The first step is important as you don’t want the energy of the other person in your immediate surroundings.

2. Mary centres herself in the heart by placing her hands on her heart and closing her eyes. She starts breathing slowly, deeply, and effortlessly with her heart until she feels centered.

3. When she opens her eyes, she visualizes John outside her window.

4. She says aloud: “John, I take back my energy and my power with Love now”

5. She takes a deep breathe in and feels her energy coming back to her

6. She says: “John, I give you back your energy and your power with Love now”

7. She takes another heart centered deep breathe while she feels his energy moving away from her energy field.

8. She says: “I ask Archangel Michael to cut and remove all negative cords and attachments between me and you on all levels, across all dimensions, time, and space.”

9. She closes her eyes and feels the lightness and Joy of freedom.

10. She says: “I am Free, you are Free and so it is! Hallelujah!”

With Love and Blessings

Satya Sakara

Michela Sborchia, 2020 © All rights reserved

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