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Energy Healing

“I believe that true healing is empowering for the individual. In my sessions, I guide and encourage you to dive in the depths of your being so that you can find healing, knowledge and wisdom within yourself.

All my healing sessions tend to be experiential and explorative, using breath, energy healing, tools, movement, meditation, and prayers. So, if you are ready and committed to your own healing and awakening, I am committing with you to help you along the way, whatever it takes”. -Michela- 

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What is Energy Healing?


Energy Healing is a general term used to describe any therapy that works with the energy in our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Some of the therapies that fall under this term are Reiki, Angelic Healing, Crystal Healing... just to name a few.

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What does Energy Healing do?

Energy Healing can help you balance the energy centers of the body (chakras, nadi, meridians, yin and yang energy, energy centers...) and awaken the body natural healing ability. Our physical body is a natural healer, the nervous system is the greatest pharmacy in the world....

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The truth about energy and healing

Read my blog post on energy healing and my exploration of it throughout the years.

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Invest in your Health

60 minutes

In Person & Online € 50

Bespoke Yoga, Meditation, Energy Healing Session 

In Person & Online € 100  

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