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I participated in Michela's Heart Alchemy... It was clear right away, that so much dedication, love and support was woven into Michela's grounded offerings. And like every experience I have had with Michela, her programme presented itself to me at the perfect time. I began Michela's Heart Alchemy at the beginning of 2020 and I feel that it was the  foundation I didn't know I would need, to prepare fertile grounds for the onset of pandemic. I really feel through the experience of Corona that we are in a space of re-evaluating intrinsic values. And I feel that Michela's Heart Alchemy gave me the tools to be able to deepen my own awareness outside of the structure of Michela's programme, to determine what is most important to me and how I offer that back to a community. Michela's programme focuses on personal re-alignment to feeling heart-centred Gratitude. By active observations of my own heart space, I feel that I can now extend branches out into an awareness of Oneness and radiating more love. Thank you Michela - your essence is always so strong in everything that you do.  ~Amanda, Ireland~

Firstly, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to do your Heart Alchemy course. It was the step I needed to get me back on track to start meditating again. I personally thought each Module worked so well. The first one was perfect to break you in gently and would also  work well, especially if you'd never meditated before. I was a bit emotional the first couple of days. I loved your MP3, which you talked us though each Module and your choice of music in the back ground. 2nd Module brought me to a deeper state while meditating, which was amazing and very peaceful. 3rd Module was very powerful and I found it made me realize how grateful to all the things I have in my life. To focus on others who are struggling, what a great way to detach the attention from yourself and focus on others. The last Module I found the hardest and still working on that. Some days I feel I can let go of everything but other days are not so easy, so have to keep working on that. I am so so grateful to you Michela, that I've got my routine back and finding the benefits of meditating every day. ~Avril, Ireland~

.... I have always found her to be a fabulous healer and teacher. She is fully present .... Michela is highly skilled at what she does and has a way of cutting through the layers to the core of the issue. I know I have found her to be a fabulous teacher of the highest integrity with a very heart-centred approach, and as such would have no hesitancy in recommending Michela to anyone. ~Orna, Ireland~

Michel did a lot of heart healing work on me a good few years ago now and it opened me wide open to real love..... ~Anon, Ireland~

...Michela introduced me to a huge part of myself I didn’t know existed! She is very skilled at putting people at their ease and feeling relaxed during the workshop.... ~Lou, Ireland~

... Michela has an abundance of knowledge that she shares openly. She is an extremely intuitive teacher and healer and I can’t recommend her highly enough. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, your kindness and your love... ~Nicoleta, UK~

...Michela is a professional and she is really good. Every time she gives healing, she makes you feel calm and relaxed and the effects of the therapies are long lasting. She understands you and she listens to you. She knows where to work to help you get better. I would recommend her to anyone that needs some help from a true professional... ~Erica, Italy~

I highly recommend Michela. ...This was down to Michela’s depth of knowledge, passion and warm facilitation style where she made everyone feel at ease and welcome. Michela was very open to participants experiences and questions, and this made for a very enlightening and moving experience in a supportive environment. I look forward to attending more of her workshops in future...  ~H.M. Ireland~

I have attended several workshops held by Michela over the past few years. I have received so much from each one for different reasons and they all no doubt have had great benefit to me on my spiritual journey. Michela is a wonderful caring facilitator and brings so much knowledge and great energy to her workshops.. ~Catherine, Ireland~

....She has been a great support to me and most recently I would like to thank her for inviting me to her home to receive blessings from Mary Magdalene, this experience was just magical.... ~Parminder, Ireland~ 

I received several healings from Michela ...... I was going through quite a lot of emotional stress at the time and found her healings brought me a lot of comfort. Michela is a very genuine person with an ability to make you feel relaxed during the whole treatment, I felt like I was in complete safe hands. ...she could pick up instantly the areas I knew were blocked myself. I would recommend her unreservedly to anyone that needs some help from a true professional. ~Ruth, Ireland~

She is very caring and kind, and her .readings are extremely accurate. . Her readings and healings have also been of great help to me this past year. She is a wonderful light on this earth, and I would recommend her to anyone. ~Alia, Ireland~

Michela is a gifted healer, and I have had healing a few times. I always leave feeling like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. ....Michela is not only a very spiritual and wonderful healer; she is also, a very kind and welcoming lady. She is a pleasure to know! ~Joan, Ireland~

Michela is a wonderful person inside and out a powerful healer and teacher and a beautiful gentle soul.. an earth angel wishing you every success with your healing and teaching practice.... much love, luck & laughter....xxxx ~Glenda, Ireland~

I loved attending Michela’s workshop which I found to be warm, safe and nurturing.  Her easy, delightful nature made for a very relaxed, informative and deeply healing experience.  I also loved meeting so many other beautiful women on a similar path, exploring and coming to know our sacredness.... ~Mia, Ireland~

Important: Please note that the name on this testimonial is Michela instead of Satya because they were given to me before I officially changed my name. My birth name is Michela but my Spiritual Guides call me Satya Sakara (or just Satya). Recently after a meditation, I decided to finally change my name as the name I was given holds a powerful vibration that I need to fully embody in order to continue my spiritual work 

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