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Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety


With Heart Alchemy Healing and Meditation

If you are shy and tend to struggle in social situations, the Heart Alchemy Institute is the place for you.

It is my personal experience that shyness and social anxiety can be crippling for a person, causing a lot of emotional pain and other health problems. However, I also know that healing from shyness and anxiety is very possible. 

Meditation and energy healing are powerful tools to help you be more at ease in social situations, and to help you overcome your shyness and social anxiety.

By experiencing Heart Centred Energy Healing and Meditation here at the Heart Alchemy Institute, you can: 

•      achieve a more relaxed state around people

•       be more self-confident

•      easily socialize with old and new friends

•      enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships

•      be more resilient to stress, in times of change and under pressure

•      live a healthier and happier life

•      manifest your dreams

There are several reasons why heart centred energy healing and meditation work for shy, very introvert people and people that feel intense anxiety, fear of being judged, or rejected in social situations. Here I have outlined a few.

When we do Heart Centred Energy Healing and Meditation, our brain starts releasing chemicals that make us feel good and positive. When we meditate and receive energy healing by connecting with our heart, we send signals to the brain that help the brain release endorphins. These hormones are secreted within the brain: the pituitary gland, in other parts of the brain, or distributed throughout the nervous system. Endorphins make you feel naturally good and help you diffuse social awkwardness, shyness, anxiety…. Researches show that the brains of people who regularly practice meditation and have practiced for several years have thicker areas in the pre-frontal cortex, the area that process positive emotions. When you feel happy, positive and joyful, you also feel a sense of peace. In this state, shyness and anxiety disappears.  When you receive an energy healing session and learn how to meditate with the simple and yet powerful techniques I developed throughout the years, you start sending high frequency energy from the heart to the brain, straight into the subconscious layers of your mind, so that you can break your negative thought patterns and remove the layers of anxiety, depression, and fear of your “normal, daily” thought processes.

I have written several blog posts about the power of Heart Centred Energy Healing and Meditation.

Please click the button below to access my blog and read more about energy healing, meditation, heart coherence and much more.... 


Because I know how it feels! I was painfully shy, socially awkward and living in a constant state of stress. 
I overcame my anxiety, o.c.d. and depression, my shyness and all the physical ailments that these mental states created over the years. 
I worked through my traumas, the negative side of life experiences, and the pain I was feeling with a variety of energy healing modalities, meditations, movement and diet.
One day, about 20 years ago, I decided to learn about meditation and energy healing because of the benefits I received from them. I studied with many teachers until I found my path.
I am truly passionate about helping people reconnect with their heart and its astonishing abilities both on a physical, energetic and spiritual level. Connecting with my heart was a profound journey of self-healing and discovery. Today I am helping others to do the same.


Working with me is really easy.

-Contact me from the contact page and let me know how I can help you.

-You have the option to work with me in person (if you live in Ireland) or online.

-On our first session, we can chat and discuss your options and see what it is the best approach. 

-All my personal sessions are tailored to your needs. 

-First session is about 90 min long. 

-Following sessions 60 min long (Although time may vary from case to case. I don't rush through a session). 


80 € per session

200  € for 3 sessions

500  € for 7 sessions