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What we fear most....

People say that our deepest fear is our power beyond measure, that our light frightens us.

I disagree!

I believe that our greatest fear is LOVE!

I feel that Love—true Love, Unconditional Love, Divine Love—scares us to the core. When we truly love, we open ourselves fully to life, and we start feeling vulnerable.

Maybe it is because when we truly love all the veils and masks we wear to cover and protect ourselves, they start to fall to the ground, and what we are left with is our naked essence, who we truly are.

Or maybe it is because when we experience love, we realize that nothing else matters, that there is no separation, and that we are all intrinsically connected to one another.

Duality disappears, the ego surrenders, and we are left with love.

We'll feel love for those who love us, and the people who deeply hurt us. We feel Love, and we become Love.

It is terrifying because when we love and we become LOVE IN ACTION, there is only one thing you want to do: LOVE every single living being on earth and beyond.

Keep loving and opening our hearts more and more and a little more.

Because Divine Love is a unifying force, it is powerful beyond measure, and it can transform everything and everyone on its sacred path.

Be Love!

© 2017 Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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