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The Threshold


Many years ago, I started to remember the memories of a lineage I carry within. At first, the memories came through dreams, then through the voice of heart and womb. I tried to find other women and men with the same lineage, but I couldn't no matter how hard I tried. I tried to walk the path back to the origin, but I was not ready, and one day, I realised how deep I had to move to find that lineage outside of myself too.

After years of resting and moving, of outer and inner work, this year, that lineage suddenly came back to me. I was not looking for it, but it found me.

Suddenly, I was on that path again, and thanks to the Divine Mother, I was reminded of what I carry inside my womb.

I was re-initiated into the temple of the four Goddesses. I walked with Mother Earth through powerful healing sessions, both home and away.

Then, one day, I felt the threshold, the place where I am sitting now with Mother Mary and what she represents. I am standing in this sacred space between spaces, without expectations, without eagerness to move forward. I have this deep need to feel where I am now, in my body most of all.

This is how I am walking the path of my lineage, feeling deeply with my body and my soul, every step, every breath, and every feeling.

I feel the threshold in the waters of my emotions and at the entrance of my yoni. I love being in this space where there is stillness and acceptance. I am letting Mother Mary guide me through the space between spaces when the time is ripe when I am ready, and when all I need to do is take a deep breath and walk through the doors of the temple within.

To the Sisters of this path, the ones I haven’t physically met yet, I saw you in my visions, and one day, we shall sit in the temple together again.

In Love and Grace

Michela (Satya Sakara) xo


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