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The Power of Emptiness

It’s been a while since my last blog article. I still write small pieces for my Instagram account, but I have found myself without any inspiration for deep and lengthy discussions. Some energies inside me were driving my need to write and express myself. These energies have either left or transformed into something different. I have sat with the emptiness for a while to know that something has been changing, and all that I have been working on and all that I have been interested in doing don’t have the same pull anymore. I came to profound realizations about myself and my life while sitting with the emptiness, the unknown and my choices. When ‘what was before’ transformed and left, I found a new space in its place. I didn’t know how to react, but I instinctively knew that it was a positive enfolding, and all I had to do was trust the Divine and myself. I am at peace with not knowing what my next step is, with the unknown and the emptiness within. I don’t know where I am going, what I must do and who I am, but I am ok with it. I wouldn’t say I like forcing events to happen, and I don’t believe I have to know everything and plan each step. I think that by surrendering to my Heart, the path will show itself to me, and then I’ll be able to work on what I have to create with loving intention and intentional love.

I keep doing my inner work, and I listen. I listen with my Heart and my ears. I don’t listen to someone else’s teachings and truths, but I listen to my Sacred Heart and the loud whispers of the Divine Mother within and without.

The need to stay silent and move inward is powerful, and the pull of the Heart cannot be ignored. I don’t know what the Divine wants to express through me yet. I am allowing myself time to follow my journey with patience and love. I am writing this article for myself and all the souls in this empty space.

There is power in the emptiness, a mystical and ineffable energy so potent that it can awaken the memory of creation, the genesis, the beginning without ending, the cycle of life, and the power of love in my soul. There is creation in emptiness, the present moment with all that is. Sitting in that powerful energy allows me to feel who I am without judgment and the need to change anything about myself. There is profound acceptance, surrender and love. Letting go of all that was and allowing myself to bathe in the emptiness has a profound, transforming, creating power.

Emptiness is a threshold, a passage from what was to what is. The energy of transformation that dwells in this state is so powerful that it can make life easier.

There will be moments in life when energies within me transform or leave. When those moments arrive, I’ll embrace the empty space left inside me and behold the magnificent unfolding of my life with the eyes of the Heart.


Satya Michela xo

© 2021 Michela Sborchia, All rights reserved.


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