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My Mothe and I ….. Part 1

My Mothe and I…..

Part 1


I often feel I am not meant for the glamour

the blinding lights

the social media polished life


I often feel I just want to be free

travelling on my own in an old Volkswagen van

with my pet by my side, and few belongings


Sometimes I feel emotional at the thought of being alone

Alone with the wilderness of the forest

Under the shelter of the trees

In the company of wild animals

and the gift of cold water from the rivers

the lakes

and the waterfalls


 I often feel I don’t belong

and no matter what I do this feeling grows stronger


I want to sleep outdoors under the stars

With Mother Moon

with the darkness of the night

my sisters in the star

and with my friends who are hiding beyond the veil

away from this illusion…


I often feel I am not meant for this world

I don’t belong


And then I feel Her

my Mother calling

Her roots intertwining with my own...


And then I see Her in the beings of this world

In the wilderness around me

In the steps I take to move on


I see Her in my face reflected in the mirror

in my body that changes and grows older

in my essence that feels eternal

in my knowledge and in my experiences

that are transforming into wisdom


And I hear Her deep, strong and yet gentle voice rising from the darkness…



“I’m here, I’m here, I’m here…” She whispers

With the power of a thousand drums


And like a sudden impulse rising from within

I see Her

I feel Her

I know Her within me…


Michela Sborchia

28th May 2024

Michela Sborchia © All Rights Reserved


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