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My Healing Journey

This year has been a deep healing journey for me. Back in January, I knew, when I told a friend, I felt 2023 was going to bring me to new territories, to offer me deep healing and reconnect me with the Earth Mother. I did not know exactly what, when and how I was going to receive and surrender to but I knew. Mother Earth has been guiding me through one of the most powerful healing years…. I journeyed to Spain to receive and surrender to Mother Ayahuasca and Father Rapé. I journeyed back home to be with the power of Rapé, the power of Sananga and the Sacred Medicine of Kambo. I met women who walk the talk, Women-Shamans so powerful and so beautiful, the Sisters I asked to meet long time ago…. when I was ready for this powerful journey I am now on. Healing is Messy, it’s Chaotic, it’s Cathartic, it’s Horrific BUT it is Powerful, Loving, Graceful, Beautiful and Ecstatic too. I have been consciously and willingly surrendered to my healing, to all the parts of me that are messy, dark, dense, sticky…. I have met my Rage and this time I fell in love with her. I remembered many years ago, at the beginning of this beautiful healing journey, I avoided going into the darkness of who I am. Now, I am walking in the dark, in the tunnels and the caves of my Being. There is so much wisdom and power within …….. and as we all know without darkness, light cannot exists. For the first time in my life, I truly feel the ecstatic power of healing, even when it’s messy and painful. The pleasure and ecstasy that comes from being torn apart. I just feel it. It’s constantly moving through me and I don’t intend to stop it. I feel it deep inside my heart, in my body, between my legs, in my yoni and womb. I am so deeply grateful to the Divine Mother for all that She has been offering to me, to all the Amazing Shaman-Women I have met on this journey. I wanted to work with women, I wanted to be with powerful Sisters who walk their talk, who are not afraid of doing the work (whatever it takes) and Mother Earth is guiding me to them. If you are on a healing journey, keep going, and not because there is a light at the end of the tunnel but because the darkness you are avoiding, hiding and trying to bury deep within, it’s going to unleash Herself anyway (maybe in ways you don’t really want). So maybe this time, surrender to that dark part of yourself and learn how to work with all your energies. There is power in the hidden, dark aspects of your being. We are not just Beings of Light, we are made of Darkness too. The path back to Oneness will bring you into every single part of you, not just the Love and the Light. You’ll learn how to be in your heart and hold both light and darkness in balance, you’ll feel the power that keeps you aligned and when you reach that point you’ll feel and know why it is worth to move through the pain, the fears, the stickiness and the darkness within. Michela (Satya) xo


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