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Mother's Love

Some years ago, I was going through a sad and frustrating time. One day, I reacted to that situation in an unkind and aggressive way. It was only few years later that I had the opportunity to look back at that moment and truly turned it around. I picked up the phone and called my mom. I asked her if she remembered my outburst of rage. We talked for a while and she said to me that the past didn’t matter and that beyond the layers of rage, she could still see me and love me, no matter what. She said: “that rage wasn’t you”.

A Mother’s Love knows no boundaries, it doesn’t obey to time and space. It is profound and infinite, it is Goddess Love. Those words in that moment, broke me open. A love this deep cannot be contained, it cannot be labelled, and it cannot be broken. How can you describe a Mother’s Love with earthly word? You can’t! A mother sees you! She sees through all the layers that we create around us. She loves her children, she knows who they are.

In that moment, I deeply felt how we stop loving each-other because of circumstances, pain, fear, ego…. We see the layers, we don’t see the essence. Sometimes I wonder, if every human on earth could experience that kind of Love just for few minutes a day, we would live in a completely different world.  My mother’s Love taught me how beyond the masks, the circumstances, the perception, the fear, the pain and the ego there is a living being, a divine human exactly like me.

A Mother is a Goddess in action on Earth.

And Mothers come in different forms. They are the pure essence of Divine Love. And please remember that if you never gave birth to a child, you are Mothers too. The love within you that makes you see beyond the layers of illusion is part of your essence, it is who you are. Remember how, after every dark night of the soul, you have the power, strength, courage and LOVE to give birth to yourself again and again.

I always felt that human beings are not afraid of their power. What we fear above anything else is the depth of our Love. A love so profound and so powerful that cannot be contained, that can create miracles and transform us forever. And when we start living from that essence, we don’t see differences, we don’t hang on to stories created by the ego. We see through the layers to the core of our being, to the space where I am you and you are me.

Michela Sborchia


© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2019


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