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Moon Blood and Mother Earth

A few months back, I wasn’t feeling well. My menstrual cycle arrived, and it was unusually challenging. So, my husband suggested a walk in nature to help me reconnect with the Earth. He took me for a walk on the beach.

It was a cold day, and the cool wind helped me wash away some of the physical and emotional discomfort. We sat on a rock and looked at the sea before us. We talked about life when I heard her gentle voice guiding me to take off my shoes and put my feet in the cold water.

And so I did. I took off my shoes and socks and stood up. With my bare feet, I walked on the pebbles and rocks to the cold water of the Irish Sea. With each step I took, I felt the stones piercing my skin. It felt like an initiation, a reconnection, or an alignment.

When I reached the water, it was cold and felt like a blessing from the Earth. I don’t know how long I stood there, looking at the horizon and talking to Mother. I don't remember much, but I felt I was receiving a blessing or a reminder of why I felt disconnected and in pain.

That evening, once we arrived back home, I noticed that the discomfort and the emotional and physical pain had disappeared.

I connected the dots. Once, the Archangels told me that whether a person is suffering from a physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental condition, these issues are symptoms of a lowering of our frequency because we feel detached from our true essence. When we feel pain or discomfort, reconnecting with Nature, the Divine Mother, and remembering our essence will help us regain balance.

My cat has been a great teacher over the years. When he doesn't feel good, he lies down in his favourite place in the garden. When I look at him, I feel his wisdom calling me back to many moons and suns ago, when we rested our bodies on the Sacred Earth to heal the body, mind, and soul.

Michela (Satya) xo

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