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I don't know who I am

I was sitting on my yoga mat, resting. I had just finished a training session, and I was looking outside my window.

I felt nothing.

I was sitting with this emptiness, this void inside of me, and I felt so at peace.

Everything had disappeared. I didn’t hear the stories, I didn’t see any labels, and the ideas of who I am and what I do had disappeared… vanished in the void

I don’t know who I am anymore, and I love this emptiness and the lack of knowing.

I don’t feel the need to fill this void

I don’t want to replace what is left with something else… just yet

I want to be in this threshold while what is arising from within, from the source of who I am, takes shape

I don’t even want to ask the question: Who am I? What is my purpose?

There is no need

I am on this bridge between formless and form, death and rebirth or fear and love….

Wherever I am now, it’s a place I am meant to experience, to live, to feel

No more words, no more ideas

Just Bliss

Michela Satya xo


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