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Hello Everyone,

I have decided to write this piece as a reference point for my upcoming website. I constantly research scientific evidence showing how the work that I offer is a valid companion for traditional medicine and therapies. In my researches, I have found many information about scientific studies and researches done in the field of energy healing and meditation by reputable universities and teams of doctors and scientists all over the world. You can easily find them online…. and this makes me wonder why with so much information on our doorstep, there are still people firmly grounded in the idea that energy healing and mediation are bogus practices. But I want to focus on the positive here and share with you what I found. Please let me be clear, I’m not a scientist or a doctor, what I am writing here in this blog is simply the fruit of researches I did, written in a very accessible way.

Lets’ begin.

It is common knowledge that human beings often start to take care of themselves after a wake up call. The call can come in different forms: an accident, an illness and any other experience that is traumatic. When people experience traumatic events, they either get caught into the downward spiral of victim-hood or they become aware that they are responsible for the healing that needs to take place.  Some of the people, who get caught in the sticky web of victim consciousness, eventually realize that they have the power to heal and transform from inside. Others prefer to stay in the familiar pain because it is less scary than the unknown and the uncomfortable change.

But let’s back up a little and start from the beginning. When a person experiences trauma (any form of trauma), they experience an event that they associate with a strong emotion. As one of the teachers I follow would say “they become branded emotionally”. We have the energy of the event and the energy of the emotion we create. These energies are invisible scars, that we store in our body. These energetic marks or scars are stored in a part of the physical brain called the survival center of the brain, also known as the Amygdala.

The Amygdala is a mass of cells located deep inside the temporal lobes of the brain. There are two Amygdalae, one situated in each brain hemisphere. The amygdala is involved in many of our emotions, especially those associated to survival, such as fear, anger, and pleasure… just to name a few. The amygdala is also responsible for deciding what memories people store and where the memories are stored in the brain, depending on the emotional response that a traumatic event evokes.

When we meditate or/and receive energy healing something amazing starts to happen. And the key to everything is our Heart! Why? Because the trauma and the emotions associated with it are energy and when we use energy to transform and to heal a specific trauma/emotion, we start to see amazing results. It is energy working with energy.

The focus of my work is helping people reconnect with their heart center, because as I was saying earlier, the heart is the key to everything. Let me make an example: In meditation we focus on the heart center and the physical heart, and we start with the touch of the hand on the chest. We then start breathing in and out gently and deeply from the heart. Sometimes we use sound (like mantras or specific sounds/music) and then we start cultivating a higher frequency (or energy) such us Gratitude, Compassion, Love, Joy…. Now, because the heart is an expanding energy, the biggest transmitter of frequency in the human body, when we start experiencing those elevated emotions or energies, the heart energy begins to expand even wider and this energy moves up to the brain, into to the amygdala. When this happens, there is a reset (to set again or anew) where the trauma is stored.

There is a process through which efferent and afferent fibers and the vagus nerve play an important role, but I don’t want to go into the specifics of the process as I am not a scientist or a doctor and I don’t want to confuse people.

Here I just want to explain that when we open our heart and we start connecting with its higher frequencies or positive energies, we allow ourselves to heal in a true, deep and long lasting way.

Think about this for a moment and see how everything is connected:

We connect with the heart by touch and breathing, relaxing the body

We think about something that makes us feel gratitude, appreciation, love….

The positive vibration that the thought reminds us -like Gratitude- makes our heart expand and radiate positive, uplifting and healing energy (always remember that everything is energy, even the physical)

Heart amplifies, sending vibration to the brain

We keep thinking positive thoughts creating an expansion in the brain

The brain is filled and surrounded by a balanced and loving energy

Because the brain is now in a balanced and elevated state, the heart is too

Both hemisphere of the brain starts connecting, creating in the physical body, what we call Oneness in spirituality. In other words, we move beyond the illusion of duality into pure consciousness, we become one with all that exists.

In this state 14000 chemical reactions happen in the body and these reactions bring healing, restore and repair the body…. including anti-aging hormones.

But what happens in the heart when we connect with it?

Some year ago, a group of scientists lead by Dr. J. A. Armour at the University of Montreal, Canada made an exceptional discovery. The saw that the physical heart has approximately 40.000 specialized neurons (like brain cells) called sensory neurites. These cells -that only are found in the heart- learn, remember and think independently from the neurons in our physical brain. They communicate with us separately from the neurons in the brain through a different language. Sometimes, it is difficult to recognize this language because we are conditioned to stay in the mind. Accessing the heart on a spiritual level means to access these sensory neurites on a physical level too. By connecting daily with the heart, we move our awareness from mind to heart. By doing this every day, we create a bridge between heart and mind too. Both centres are important, by connecting with the heart and building the inner bridge to the mind, we harmonize mind and heart, we re-create the powerful energy pathway that already exists inside us and that deeply help us awaken to our Compassion, Love, Gratitude, Intuition, Divinity, Path….

For example, when our mind and heart are working in unison, we move through challenges quickly, we solve problems rapidly, we don't get trapped in the drama, ego, doubt and fear.

Our mind and heart already know this path, they are wired to be linked and worked together in balance and harmony. The challenge is to move beyond the conditions or ideas that keep us stuck in separation.

When we reconnect with the heart on a more profound way, we become Alchemists of the Heart, we create approximately 1400 biochemical reactions from anti-ageing hormones, to our immune response and cardiovascular health just to name a few...

When we connect with the heart and awake its frequencies.

We break the cycle of pain and suffering and we are reborn anew.

When we talk to our heart by simply saying “thank you for all that you do for me”, by feeling gratitude and appreciation, we ignite its energies. The heart starts expanding in love and appreciation and the energy moves to the brain where the energy begins to heal the trauma. At this point we switch our mind set from victim to creator, from fear to love.

If you would like to connect with me feel free to reach out.

Blessings and Love


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