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Don't take yourself too seriously

Hello World!

Some of you already know me and for those who still have no idea who I am, my name is Ciccio Merlino.

I am an ancient wizard/shaman from a faraway galaxy, and currently incarnated as a black cat on planet Earth.

My keepers (or as I call them mom and dad) have been so kind and loving to me and in exchange for cuddles, food, shelter and Love, I have agreed to be their Spiritual Guide through a significant portion of their lives here on Earth.

One of the most important lessons, I try to impart to mom and dad is Love without attachment. I always make sure that they practice their daily rituals and that they make me part of their meditation practice.

And one of the greatest lessons I had to teach mom was how to create Joy out of nothingness and raise her vibration. And so, one day I insisted on sitting inside the lotus of mom’s crossed legs while she was very serious and sitting in meditation. She was feeling into the energies of her chakras and while she was blessing each one …. I thought she was being too serious and so I helped her raise her vibrations with a trick.

While she was between Svadhishthana and Manipura I farted and made the room stink.

But I made my mom laugh so much that she couldn’t stop…. Her laughter is the best thing in the world because her vibrations raised quickly and her chakras were filled with Joy.

Another lesson imparted!

Don’t take anything too seriously….especially yourself!


Ciccio Merlino

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