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Creatrix, Sister, Goddess Within

One winter day, I was on the platform of one of Dublin's train stations, waiting for the train to bring me back home. It was a cold, crisp, sunny afternoon. It was windy, and the sky was finally clear. On the ground, puddles of water from the morning rain reflected the image of people passing by.

I was tired and wrapped up in my winter coat and scarf. Despite my tiredness, I felt light and warm within.

Suddenly, an impulse rising from my belly made me look around me.... and I kept looking for something I couldn't see.

Then, out of the blue, I saw Her.

I saw Her in all the women standing on the platforms around me; they were all beautiful.

I kept looking around at those beautiful ladies waiting for their train, and I could see them so clearly, as if I was looking at them through the eyes of my soul. And I probably was.

I could feel their power and strength, the love they carry in their heart and the profound wisdom they hold in their womb.

I could see through the layers of everyday life, the veils of personality and ego, beyond the human body.

All I could see was a Goddess in all of them, in different forms, and they were all uniquely magical, beautiful and powerful. At that moment, I felt in my heart and womb that the Sisterhood wound that had divided us for so many centuries had finally been healed and that we were no longer slaves of a damaged ego. We were not just human beings chained to the past. We were Divine Beings made of and from Love.

And I could sense my heart and womb expanding because, in that moment of bliss, I could even see beyond Sisterhood to the place within us where we are Her, the Great Mother, the Creatrix, the Source of all Existence.

Love you All. Satya xo

© Michela Sborchia ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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