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A natural remedy for menstrual pain

When Nature knows best! ❤️ A natural remedy for menstrual pain 🍋☕

Many years ago, when I was a teenager and living in Italy, I met an elderly woman (a friend of the family) that gave me an old Italian recipe for menstrual pain like headache, cramps…. Last week I was bleeding and her remedy came to mind. I am sharing it here with you, if you’d like to try it. I can assure you that it works!!! You’ll need fresh brewed espresso and lemon juice. Squeeze a little lemon juice, I’d say three teaspoons, in a hot double espresso. Do Not add anything else to it. No sugar, no milk…. Just freshly squeezed lemon juice and a good old fashioned espresso. Mix and drink. It is one of the most disgusting things I had to try but I drank it because it works like magic. ***Please do not used powder instant coffee. It was funny to discover years later that painkillers have caffeine in it and there was a specific tablet (I don’t remember the name) for menstrual pain made with these two ingredients. Mother Nature always knows best!

With Love and Grace

Satya xo


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