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If you are naturally shy, introvert and tend to struggle with social interactions, you know how your mind tends to race with worries and fears. You tend to suffer from social anxiety, but you want to feel more confident or at least at ease when you are around people.

It is possible to overcome shyness and social anxiety! I know, because I was shy, introvert and at a certain stage of my life I suffered from horrible social anxiety. It was a tough time, but a time where I learnt a lot about myself and above all a time where I learnt to understand my anxiety and shyness and how to overcome it.

A combination of EFT, TFT, NLP, Meditation and Energy Healing can truly help to feel more at ease in any situation.


The techniques I use to help people overcome their shyness and social anxiety are not only Heart Focused but a proven formula (especially in the case of EFT, TFT and NLP).

Heart Focused Meditation and Energy Healing can help!

  1. They can help you release brain chemicals that are essential to your well being. Doctors, researchers, neuroscientists have discovered how meditation, energy healing, TFT, NLP and EFT can contribute to the release of endorphins that have the power to make you feel naturally good about yourself. This state of being automatically melts social anxiety, worries and shyness away. Spirituality and ancient traditions have known this all along.

  2. When you receive an energy healing and start meditating, the energy you are creating, interferes with your negative thoughts and patterns by allowing you to access the subconscious layers of your mind where the work to be done is.

  3. Heart focused meditation and energy healing techniques create an energy that travels from your heart center into the subconscious to replace all of the layers of fear and anxiety that are blocking your happiness and joy.

  4. We work with the meridians of the body where the energy flow and we release all blocks that stand between you and the life you want. 


Because I know how it feels! I was painfully shy, socially awkward and living in a constant state of stress. 
I overcame my anxiety, o.c.d. and depression, my shyness and all the physical ailments that these mental states created over the years. I worked through my traumas, the negative side of life experiences, and the pain I was feeling with a variety of energy healing modalities,

meditations, movement and diet.
One day, about 20 years ago, I decided to learn about meditation and energy healing because of the benefits I received from them. I studied with many teachers until I found my path.



  • Achieve a more relaxed state around people

  • Be more self-confident

  • Socialize easily with old and new friends

  • Enjoy meaningful and fulfilling relationships

  • Be more resilient to stress, in times of change

  • Live a healthier and happier life

  • Manifest your dreams

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