We can work together even if we live in different countries. 

You can contact me for: 

  • Distant Healing

  • Workshops

  • Meditations

What I offer in my in person sessions and workshops, I can offer them to you on the other side of the world. ​

Love and Energy are not bound by time and space. We are limitless beings holding great Love, Wisdom and Power inside us. 

If you would like: 

-to receive a healing

-to meditate to connect with your heart 

-to study with me 

Simply contact me and we can start having a conversation about the work. 

Heart Alchemy ©

A 100 journey in your Heart, 

to help you move through the "I am stuck" phase of your life so that you can:

-Become more aware of your thoughts and emotions

-Understand why you are creating the stuck place 

-Trust the wisdom of your heart to lead you out of that stuck place

-Create the life you want...


of the Earth

When we come together to meditate Heartbeat of the Earth meditation,

we connect with our heart in a meaningful

and profound way, we start to awaken

and embody higher frequencies such us Joy, Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Appreciation……. our Heart center and the energy field around us expand...

A Grateful Heart

The 100 day Gratitude Journey, will help you access your heart in a simple, straightforward and effective way. Gratitude is the Key to access your Heart. Practicing gratitude has so many benefits, from physical to emotional, mental and spiritual. People often disregard the power of a grateful heart, BUT.....

Heart Focused Meditation 

My meditation focus is helping you connect with your heart centre, feel and understand the importance of the present moment, the now and surrender to Love.  When we talk to our heart by simply saying “thank you for all that you do for me”, by feeling gratitude and appreciation, we ignite its energies.

Heart Focused

Energy Healing 

Distant Energy Healing Session 

Because the Heart doesn't obey

to the rules of time and space

Discover the Power of Heart Focused Energy Healing: 

-To heal Body and Mind

-To achieve Resilience 

-To transform from the inside out 

-To create the life you want

And more ...

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