These are the three pillars that sustain my work:

Oneness, Simplicity and Heart.

All that I offer in my life and in my work is based on my belief that we are Divine Love, that this loving intelligent energy is the blue print of creation. It is a loving force that moves through everything and everyone, that constantly creates and transforms. When we experience that energy, we break the cycle of suffering and pain and we heal physically, mentally and emotionally and transform on all levels.

Professional Reiki healer doing Reiki tr


My Energy healing sessions (Reiki, Angelic Healing for example) are focused on the powerful healing force of Divine Love, the Intelligent Energy that supports and sustains Existence. In a Heart Focused energy healing session, everything starts from the Heart Center, because the Heart is the Key to everything. The Heart is the most powerful transmitter of the human body and it is in constant state of expansion, giving instructions to the brain and the rest of the body...


EFT & TFT tapping is an effective healing system for rapid and natural healing of negative emotions, psychological problems, physical pain..... by balancing the bodies energy system promoting natural healing and improving mental health.

Holding Hands


These are the workshops I am currently offering online.

Please click on each section to learn more, or contact me for details. 
The Inner Child workshop is not offered online. It usually runs on a Saturday in Ireland.


My meditation focus is helping you connect with your heart centre, feel and understand the importance of the present moment, the now and surrender to Love.


When we talk to our heart by simply saying “thank you for all that you do for me”, by feeling gratitude and appreciation, we ignite its energies. The heart starts expanding in love and appreciation and the energy moves to the brain where the energy begins to heal the trauma.


At this point we switch our mind set from victim to creator, from fear to love...

Couple Meditating on the Beach