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Personal Sessions


Focused Healing 


My 1to1 sessions are focused on the powerful healing force of Divine Love, the Intelligent Energy that supports and sustains Existence. In a Heart Focused Healing session, everything starts from the Heart Center, because the Heart is the Key to everything. The Heart is the most powerful transmitter of the human body and it is in constant state of expansion, giving instructions to the brain and the rest of the body...

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An emanation is a Divine Energy born in the Heart of the Divine Mother to help you:

  • Heal

  • Awake

  • Remember

  • Create

  • Surrender

  • And even more….

Emanations are a new way of working with the Divine Mother’s Heart. I am surrendering to Her Love and Grace so that I can be of service to this world.


Heart Alchemy - Online

Grateful Heart - Online

Inner Child - In Person

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The Inner Child workshop is not offered online. It usually runs on weekends in Ireland.

Why meditate? Because we need to remind ourselves who we truly are, what we can achieve and how powerful we are. 

Meditation is one of the most powerful tools to:

  • heal our body and mind

  • deeply relax 

  • empower ourselves 

  • be present in the now

  • ground ourselves in the Earth

  • transform our energies 

  • let go

  • become more resilient 

  • embody our true self 

  • discover our purpose 

  • and more