If you are telling yourself the famous 3 words "I am stuck" or "I feel stuck", or you are repeating the same old patterns, this workshop can definitely help. 

Whether you can't forgive yourself or someone else, you can't complete a project, you are repeating the same negative patterns over again, or you don't know what step to take next, the Heart Alchemy online workshop has been designed to help you move through this static phase. 

If you are longing for a deeper and more meaningful connection with your Heart Center, this workshop can help you too. 

​When  I connected with my heart and wrote down this workshop, I went into my experience of what it means for me to work with the heart, but I also took  in consideration how your life is different from mine, I always had you in mind when writing and co-creating it with my heart and my experience.  I wanted to be sure that you have with you the right tools and enough time to practice what I am sharing. 


Become more aware of your thoughts and emotions

Understand why you are creating the stuck place 

Trust the wisdom of your heart to lead you out of that stuck place

Create the life you want

Understand the powerful, clear and simple language of the Heart

Speak the language of the Heart

Stay aligned with your Sacred Heart Energy and the Heart of the Divine


Unstuck yourself from old patterns

Heal physical ailments

See your life in a different light

Coping with stress by creating resilience 

Creating positive, supporting and fulfilling relationships

Creating the life you want

and more...


Heart Alchemy is a 100 day online workshop, you can start at any time, from the comfort of your home.

It is divided in 4 modules of 25 days each.

Module 1 – (25 days): Foundation

Module 2 - (25 days): Self Love

Module 3 - (25 days): Radical Compassion

Module 4 - (25 days): Surrender





You'll receive support through the program:

A personal online session with me in each module

A weekly email with supporting tools for your journey

A distant healing session per module 

Tools to help you reconnect with your Heart 

 And sometimes more... 


You'll receive the necessary material to help you


A lovely written manual with all the info you need

Audio manuals if you prefer to listen 

MP3 meditation files

Music links, Video links to help you dive deeper into your heart center 

And more...


Because I was very adept at finding the stuck places, until I realized I was the one creating it. I felt safe in that space where noting was happening, where I wasn't forced to do anything. In my personal experience, there was an underline fear of being judged and ridiculed by others, a feeling of inadequacy that I carried in me from my childhood. I tried many different things that didn't really work for me. And then one day, while I was breathing with my heart it happened. My heart spoke to me in a loving, simple and kind way. It simply said the way out of your stuck place is in. And so I started this incredible journey in my heart center and I was out of my "I am stuck" box.

If you have any questions about this work please feel free to reach out.


  • People who are willing to do the work, every single day

  • People who are ready to dive into the Heart Love, Wisdom and Power

  • People who can work on their own 

  • People who are ready to face themselves 

  • People who are willing to take responsibility for their life

  • People who believe we are the creators of our life


"... I've been having so many interesting experiences with this meditation..."

I participated in Michela's Heart Alchemy.... It was clear right away, that so much dedication, love and support was woven into Michela's grounded offerings. And like every experience I have had with Michela, her programme presented itself to me at the perfect time. I began Michela's Heart Alchemy at the beginning of 2020 and I feel that it was the  foundation I didn't know I would need, to prepare fertile grounds ..... I feel that Michela's Heart Alchemy gave me the tools to be able to deepen my own awareness outside of the structure of Michela's programme, to determine what is most important to me and how I offer that back to a community. Michela's programme focuses on personal re-alignment to feeling heart-centred Gratitude. By active observations of my own heart space, I feel that I can now extend branches out into an awareness of Oneness and radiating more love. Thank you Michela - your essence is always so strong in everything that you do.

- Amanda xo -  


 111.99 €

Per Module, payable before each module

(50 € nonrefundable deposit) 


I am only taking a maximum of 12 people for each Heart Alchemy workshop.

I offer this online workshop 3 times a year.  

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