Transform your Life from the inside out 

Surrender to the energy of Divine Love 

What is Heart Alchemy?

Heart Alchemy is an online workshop to help you reconnect with your Heart centre, in a profound and meaningful way.



Because our Heart Centre is the key to everything. It is only by connecting with the Heart that we can:


- Transform from the inside out,

- Be One with the Whole

- Remember how to honour one another

- Honour ourselves 

- Live from Divine Love

- Allow the Purpose of existence to express itself through us

- Live in the present moment

- Heal 

- Create the life we want...


The Heart is the place beyond time and space where we hold the energy of Divine Love and Higher Frequencies such as Joy, Wisdom, Compassion... 


By learning how to reconnect with our Heart and learning how to use its sacred energy to transform lower frequencies and energies into powerful tools for transformation, we become Alchemists of the Heart.  


Heart Alchemy is a 28 day online workshop, you can start at any time, from the comfort of your home. It is divided in 4 modules of 7 days each.

Module 1: Foundation

Module 2: Self Love

Module 3: Radical Compassion

Module 4: Surrender

Why working with me?

Because I get it! I know how it feels. The heart brakes, the pain, the shuttered dreams, the stuck-ness, the illusion, the war of the ego.... I am just like you.

I had been on a rollercoaster year after year, it was too painful even waking up in the morning. I followed many different teachers and teachings, until one day my heart really made its voice clear to me. 

I started to dive deeper within, following the voice of my heart, the light of my soul as a compass. I kept journeying inside, until one day I realized I was the one creating it all.

But I felt safe in that space where noting was happening, where I wasn't forced to do anything but feeling the comfortable familiar pain. 

It takes time and it takes courage to allow yourself to listen to the heart and to understand you are after all, the hero of your  own story. 

And so, I created this 4 weeks workshop where I can help you trace your steps back into the sacred heart and live your live your life from a an open heart space wherever you are. 

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