Gratitude is the Ultimate State of Receivership 

100 Days of Heart Focused journey through Gratitude.

This is a workshop to help you remember that you hold the KEY to access your HEART....  and this key is GRATITUDE. 

During this workshop, you'll work to: 

Understand and feel what Gratitude is;

Discover the hundreds of benefit of Gratitude on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level;

Become more heart centered;

Access the heart and more... 


A gentle reminder that this is an online workshop. You can work with the material at your own pace, from home. The meditation and files I send you become yours for your personal use, only.  There are no personal sessions included in this workshop with Michela, however you’ll receive a distant heart focused energy healing once a month (3 in total). 


What do you need?

To have an unwavering commitment to see it through

The willingness to learn new things

To be open to new possibilities 

A diary, pen and rose quartz crystal 

Glass/Bottle of water 

How does it work? 

Sign up from the PayPal button above;

Wait for my email (please allow 24 to 48 hours);

Once you have my email with pdf instructions and mp3 meditation file you can begin; 

Please commit to do this every day for 100 days. I can assure you, Gratitude is a magic key that opens many doors. 

This workshop is for people

Who can work on their own; 

Ready and willing to do the work;

Open to new possibilities;

Open to learn new things;

Ready for a change;

Who want to access their heart;

Who want to bring more Joy and Love in their lives...

What will you receive? 

  • MP3 audio file with guided meditation (10 minutes long)

  • PDF file with instructions

  • PDF file with step by step meditation guide 

  • Weekly email support

  • One Distant Heart Focused Energy Healing a month (3 in total)

What this workshop can give you 

This online Workshop can you give you the KEY to access your HEART. I believe that Gratitude is that Key and by using it in specific ways, we can easily and effectively access our heart center. When we access our heart, we start creating from a space of Love and Joy, we bring forth new possibilities for HEALING, AWAKENING, CREATION and much more... because as I always say "The Heart is the Key to everything"!