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WELCOME Beautiful Heart!

When we connect with our heart in a meaningful and profound way, we start to awaken and embody higher frequencies such us Joy, Love, Compassion, Gratitude, Appreciation…. Our Heart centre and the energy field around us expand and we start radiating these beautiful energies to the world around us. When we practice the Heartbeat meditation, we send these higher vibrations or energies to the Earth, so that they can be used for the Highest Good of All. The more we experience this connection, the greater the influence of LOVE on this planet is. Can you imagine the power of millions of people, meditating on the same day to bring forth more Love on this Sacred Planet and in our lives? 

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The Meditation I recorded, is for you to use at any time. Please, keep in mind that it is also important to do this meditation on the first Sunday of every month (doesn't matter what time of the day). Once you have sent your donation, I'll email you the meditation. Every donation received for this meditation will go to an animal rescue of my choice. Every month I choose a different rescue. When donating please use option "send money to friend/family" in PayPal, otherwise PayPal is going to take a chunk of your donation. 

This is NOT an automatic download. Please use the PayPal button and allow 24 to 48 hours for me to reply, depending on the of emails I receive. Please check in your inbox (and spam folder too) for my email with the mp3 meditation and pdf files. 

A Happy Ending!

This gorgeous soul on the left is Pixie. She was a pregnant feral. She was rescued by one of the animal shelters we helped through Heartbeat, a movement for Love.  She gave birth about a month after they received our donation, and they were so happy that they gave us the honor to name the 4 little souls: 3 boys and 1 girl. Proud Mamma Pixie is doing well and we named these little angels:

Luna, Merlin, Arion and Lancelot.

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