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Distant Reiki & Angelic Healing 

Heal your Body, Heal Your Mind

Free your Soul


What is a Heart Focused Energy Healing

My Energy healing sessions (Reiki, Angelic Healing for example) are focused on the powerful healing force of Divine Love, the Intelligent Energy that supports and sustains Existence. In a Heart Focused energy healing session, everything starts from the Heart Center, because the Heart is the Key to everything. The Heart is the most powerful transmitter of the human body and it is in constant state of expansion, giving instructions to the brain and the rest of the body.

What happens in a session

When I start a healing session from my heart center, I connect with the highest frequencies available to us, such as Love, Compassion, Care, Freedom, Strength, Forgiveness and the list goes on. These energies create a wave that moves through the body and that makes every part of the physical, emotional and mental self respond to its vibration (from the tiniest cells to the bigger organs and systems), bringing forth deep and long last healing on all levels (even across time and space). Experiments have been done by scientists and researchers that show the effectiveness and power of energy healing. Today, Energy Healing is no longer relegated to the realm of Spirituality and Holistic Therapies. 

I believe that true healing is empowering for the individual. In my sessions, I guide and encourage you to dive in the depths of your being so that you can find healing, knowledge and wisdom within yourself. All my healing sessions tend to be experiential and explorative, using breath, energy healing, tools, movement, meditation, and prayers. So, if you are ready and committed to your own healing and awakening, I am committing with you to help you along the way, whatever it takes. 


Physical Ailments

Variety of Diseases and Conditions 

Reduce Pain

Chronic Illness 

Speed up recovery 

Improve sleep 

Mental Imbalances (depression, anxiety, OCD, shyness .....)



remember your purpose

Be present

Be Aware

Embrace your True Potential...

Energy Healing brings balance to your body, mind and soul. Whether you are dealing with a physical illness or an emotional wound, energy healing can reach to the core of the issue and help you heal from the root cause of the imbalance.

My Energy Healing sessions create a safe space where you can surrender to the powerful healing energy of Divine Love. 

When you let your body, mind and soul bathe in that energy, you can start creating possibility for deep, real and long lasting healing, and you can open the doors for miracles to manifest in different areas of your life.

How Distant Healing Works

Your Healing and Wellbeing are not bound by time & space

There are thousands of reported cases and scientific studies made on the power of energy healing. One very important thing stands out, from these studies and reports: energy healing is not bound by time and space. It doesn't matter if we are together or on opposite sides of the world, or that we don't know each other. Energy healing simply works. I regularly send free distant healing to those who have requested it, free of charge. A distant healing is about 20 minutes long. You can receive it at any time. To know how distant healing works please download the PDF file below. And if you have nay questions feel free to reach out.  

Healing Request