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An emanation is a Divine Energy born in the Heart of the Divine Mother to help you:







And even more….


The Divine Mother is giving me access to specific frequencies that can help humanity at this time. Once I have received an emanation, I work with it before sharing it with you all.

When I am ready, I’ll download the essence of the emanation in mp3 and mp4 form with a pdf instruction file on how to receive.


When you decide to receive an emanation and its Blessings, simply contact me to access it. I’ll email you a link to the emanation-meditation with instructions on how to receive it.


This is not a weekly or monthly meditation. I don’t know the exact day of an emanation. They come at random times when I least expect, but when I receive it, I’ll download its essence and sacred energy in a short meditation and publish it on my website.


Emanations are a new way of working with the Divine Mother’s Heart. I am surrendering to Her Love and Grace so that I can be of service to this world.

In Love & Grace

Satya Sakara 

Mother Mary EmanationSatya Sakara
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Rose Petal HeallingSatya Sakara
00:00 / 31:17

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