The Natural Way to Healing and Freedom

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and EFT Energy are heling modalities that allows you to release stuck or blocked energy by tapping on specific acupuncture points. It helps you release blocked energy, trauma, negative beliefs and thoughts,  by unblocking your meridians, where your energy flows. 

EFT has the ability to help individuals in different circumstances, and has far wider reaching effects then you might realize. Over the decades EFT has become main stream and is helping millions of people all around the world. The efficacy of EFT is now supported by many studies and the beautiful healing stories of many people.


  • EFT can help with: 

  • Fears & Phobias,

  • Reclaiming you Power

  • Low Self Esteem,

  • Procrastination,

  • Panic Attacks,

  • Depression,

  • Trauma

  • Feelings of Being Unworthy,

  • Severe Trauma (PTSD),

  • Relationship Issues

And much much more...

Woman doing EFT on the karate chop point

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) uses specific codes that when applied to a specific issue, reaches the root cause and balances the body’s energy system. It helps eliminate most negative emotions… within minutes.

TFT tapping is effective for the rapid and natural healing of negative emotions and psychological problems by balancing the bodies energy system promoting natural healing and improving mental health.

Thought Field Therapy is a natural and easy approach with rapid results. 

TFT can help with:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Anger

  • Phobias 

  • Physical pain

I am offering you all my help while we move through these difficult times.

I feel the best way to be in service, to both you and I, is to offer you my: 

  • First Session for 25€

  • Second Session for 35€

  • Third Session for 45€