"Whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4 year old

in a Batman t-shirt"!


Michela Sborchia & Orna O'Beirne 

A collaboration from the Heart

(In person only)

When we look through the eyes of our inner child, life seems so very different. When we connect with that energy, we reach a space where we can create possibilities for deep healing, surrender and creation. 

Working with our inner child is an extraordinary experience.

Sometimes, we forget how strong and aware we were when we were kids. When we reconnect with that energy, we start remembering who we truly are.

Going back into that space when we thought everything was possible, when we could see through the veil without judgment and when we were aware that we were more that human beings, it is an important process for our own healing. 

During this 1-day workshop we'll work with different techniques, games, meditations, sound, and more to connect with the inner child and his/her energy.

When we allow our inner child to come forth, we unleash our creativity and joy.

This workshop is open to men and women from all walks of life.

Be ready for profound healing on all levels. 


  • Healing what is holding you back

  • Reconnecting with your essence to feel again who you are

  • Accessing your love, wisdom and power

  • Reclaiming your ability to set boundaries

  • Remembering how to love yourself fiercely, because your life depends on it

  • Helping you let go of old trauma 

  • Feeling great Compassion

  • Starting to enjoy life

  • And more...


Michela is a Heart Alchemist, 

Meditation Teacher and Energy Healer and the founder of the Heart Alchemy Institute.

Her work comes from the Heart of Divine, the loving and transforming intelligence, the energy of Oneness, that helps us break free from the cycle of suffering and pain to heal physically, mentally and emotionally and transform from the inside out. She helps people reconnect with their heart center in an easy and effective way. 


Orna is an Energy Healer and SNA. Her heart centered approach to her work, helps you reconnect deeply with your soul. Her focus is energy healing and meditation for children and teenagers.

She is a Reiki Master, Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher, and she works with crystals too. She helps people move through grief. 

Orna deeply connects with the energy of the mermaids and water, therefore her work brigs forth deep emotional healing. 


  •  Support throughout the process

  • Meditations

  • Techniques 

  • and much more that 

 that you can bring at home with you and practice in your own space and time...