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With Mother Mary


An emanation is an energy born in the Divine Mother's Heart to help you:






And more...

When I connect with the Divine Mother, I access frequencies that can help you wherever you are on your earthly journey, and they can help humanity at this time. 

We can no longer afford to keep our hearts closed...

My journey

Your journey

How it works

When I receive an emanation or a download of specific frequencies, I start working with the energy for days or even weeks. When I am ready to share, I simply download the emanation into a meditation format. It is not always easy to translate energy and frequency into human words but I always to my best when I am called to share.

When you feel ready to receive an emanation and its profound blessings, contact me to access it. 

I'll email you a pdf with instructions and an mp3 file. 

You can access the meditation file only from the links at the bottom of this page too.

Emanations are not scheduled weekly or monthly meditations. I don't know when a frequency will come through. I simply rely on the Divine Mother's heart to let me know when the time has come. Sometimes I work with these frequencies for very long time, before I make them accessible in meditative form.

Emanations are a new way of working with the Divine Mother, and our only way to receive them is surrendering to Her infinite and all encompassing Love. 

Reconnect with Mother Mary Satya Sakara
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Rose Petal HealingSatya Sakara
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