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Satya Sakara


My earthly name is Michela and my spiritual name is Satya Sakara. 

The energy I bring into this world is Divine Love. My life and my work has always been centered in the Heart Centre, the bridge between polarities and our Source of Wisdom, Power and Love. 

The three pillars that sustain and ground my inner and outer work are: 

Heart - Simplicity - Oneness. 

First Pillar - Heart

Second Pillar - Simplicity

Third Pillar - Oneness

When we talk to our heart by simply saying “thank you for all that you do for me”, by feeling gratitude and appreciation, we ignite its 12 energies. The heart starts expanding in love and appreciation and the energy moves to the brain where the energy begins to heal the trauma. At this point we switch our mind set from victim to creator, from fear to love.

Our heart is the biggest and most powerful transmitter of the body, it is in a constant state of expansion and that energy has the power to heal and transform in a very profound and effective way. Our heart creates resilience in us. 

People believe for something to work, they must go through tough lessons, drama and complicated techniques. But life is simple, energy is simple, nature is simple. The drama, the complications, the difficulties and limitations are created by our own subconscious mind and the ego. At the foundation of everything there is a very simple love energy that fuels existence. Nature is simple in the way she evolves. We live in a world that is fundamentally simple, until we complicate everything with big words, and convoluted theories. In the end, we are all One and, in the energy of Oneness (of the Divine, God / Goddess, Nature...) there is just me, you, us and Love.

When a follower asked Ramana Maharashi “How should we treat others?” He simply replied, “There are no others”. We are all One, there is no separation. We are the Universe in motion, the entire existence dwells within our Spirit.  Beyond this dual world, the illusion of separation, we are just One energy of Love.  When we move inward in our heart, we create the possibility to reach a level of consciousness (of pure awareness) that makes us feel the meaning of being One with all that exists. When we realize what Oneness means, we become pure consciousness, we simply are. In that space we receive profound healing, we awake and transform.

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